Welcome to Cathedral Stone Music Publishing, home of original music by new artist Mike Braithwaite. Cathedral Stone is located in North Lake Tahoe / Reno area, and specializes in providing unique high quality songs to the music industry. Quality new music is presented by Mike Braithwaite as a recording artist, and is also available to other musicians, groups, new artists, companies, etc. The final product consists of songs that have been profesionally recorded, mixed and mastered.

Songwriting styles include 70's music, aor rock, hard rock, melodic rock, alternative rock, classic rock, 60's rock, 70's rock, 80's rock, instrumental, and modern new age music. This covers a lot ground from Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Who, The Carpenters, Pink Floyd, Styx, Queen, Journey, Van Halen, Boston, The Eagles, Elton John, ELO, Depeche Mode, all the way to present day progressive alternative rock and new age instrumental.

The recording studio consists of new, high end recording equipment such as Neve 1073, Teletronix, Urei, and Pro Tools High Definition. The studio also includes vintage amps such as a Marshall Purple Plexi, Block Logo JTM 45, Mesa Boogie Mark I, and includes vintage guitars such as Gibson and Fender for inspiring guitar tone. Also available are many vintage synths such as an Oberheim 4 Voice SEM, Matrix-12, Yamaha CS80, Arp String Ensemble, and vintage keyboards including a Yamaha C3 grand piano. NOS tubes are also used in vintage guitar amps such as NOS Mullard EL34 EL-34 xf1 xf2 xf3 xf4 tubes, as well as NOS Mullard ECC83 and GZ34.

You'll find much more detailed information about Cathedral Stone by navigating through the different areas of the website, and free new music MP3's via streaming Real Audio is also available to review the catalog of completed songs. So please take a look around, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send an email. Thanks!!


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