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AC/DC Picture 2001 U.S. Tour

AC/DC Picture: Band is playing while on their 2001 U.S. Tour while promoting their latest album.
Angus Young Playing Gibson SG Guitar Angus Young's Gibson SG's On Tour
Photo of Angus Young's many Gibson SG's that he uses while on tour.
Pic of Angus Young playing one of his many Gibson SG guitars.
AC/DC Marshall JTM 45's and Plexi's Under Stage

AC/DC's music and tone has had a great influence on me. The AC/DC picture above is an 80's shot of their amps that were being stored under the stage durings shows. Marshall JTM 45's and Plexi's can be seen above. Check out this JTM 45 that's very similar to what Angus has always used in the studio.

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