Argosy Dual 15 Console

The Argosy Dual 15 Console is an excellent choice for any workstation that's using something like the Digidesign Pro Tools High Definition set-up, or any other hard drive recording set-up that also relies on outboard gear. This workstation console allows you to have easy access to outboard gear and see your computer screen at the same time while working on music. Small automated fader controllers such as the Motor Mix also easily fit on the desk top and don't interfere with the recording process. Many high end mastering houses also use these consoles in their main mastering suites.

Both photo's here are from the Argosy site. The top consoles are in the grey color, such as mine, and the bottom photo shows another available variation in black with Mahogoney ends. When receiving these console via shipment, they come in about 8-10 boxes. It takes approximately four or five hours to put one together. Not difficult, but a little time consuming. They are made of high quality material and the customer support I received was excellent. I had one damaged piece in shipment and they imediately sent another one out in no time. A photo of mine can be seen on the Recording Studio page.

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