Boston - Tom Scholz - Brad Delp - Barry Goudreau
Fran Sheehan - Sib Hashian

Boston Picture - This Boston band photo was taken during their US tour in support of their debut album in 1976. There's been a lot of speculation regarding the Boston gear used to get the original guitar tone. This was before was Rockman series of products were made by Tom Scholz's SR&D (Scholz Research & Development). Notice the Marshall stacks in the background. They played a big role in the early Boston sound. Basically, Tom would use an early 70's Marshall into a homemade attenuater. That would go through a wah pedal set permanently engaged to about half way. This is produced a more midrangey tone. Then the signal would go through various effects such as chorus, delay, eq, etc. Tom used DiMarzio Super Distortion Humbuckers in place of the stock 490 and 498 humbuckers in his 1968 Goldtop Gibson Les Paul.
Boston Picture - This is the infamous Boston band photo with the chartered airplane for touring.
Boston Picture - This is another Boston band photo of the original debut album line up. I have to say that early Boston music has had some of the biggest musical influence one me. It's simply great upbeat rock with that inspires. Brad Delp has one of the best rock voices of all time, and probably my all time favorite male vocalist.
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