Vintage Celestion Speakers
Pre-Rola &Rola G12M

This a Celestion Pre-Rola G12M 20w speaker that was found in the infamous Marshall Bluesbreaker combo's in the mid-late 60's. This particular speaker has a date code of January 1968. At this time, Celestion was only supplying Marshall with Celestions with the green magnet cover, which is commonly referrd to as a Greenback Celestion speaker. In the early 70's Celestion would also supply Marshall with G12M speakers having Cream, Black, and Grey magnet covers, in addition to the green. Some of these later G12M's did have different speaker cones than the earlier Greenbacks and they do sound a little different (i.e. not as desirable to many players). Notice the 15 ohm Impedance on the Pre-Rola speaker. They later changed the impedance rating to 16 ohms.

Here's an example of a March 1971 Celestion Rola G12M. Notice how the label has changed to say "Rola Celestion LTD Ipswich Suffolk". In 1970, Celestion moved there manufacturing facility to Ipswich Suffolk. They decided to change the label with this new designation. Although Celestion did begin to obtain speaker cones from an outside source after the 1970 move, the G12M's made shortly before and after do not sound any different. Pre-Rola is more of a collectors thing, but the speakers sound the same during that time around 1970. Celestion G12M speakers came with bass resonance values of 55 Hz and 75 Hz. The above speaker is obviously an example of a 55 Hz model. Other things to check for when trying to identifying speaker dates include checking the speaker cone number. A "014" is usually a bass speaker cone, and a "003" is usually a lead. The longer numbers such as "003" indicate that it's an older Pre-Rola, and a "3" would indicate a newer Rola. Black speaker terminals usually indicate Pre-Rola, while grey indicate Rola.

This is an example of a 1973 cream Celestion G12M Rola with a silver label. Marshall commonly had these units in their 1973 and later checkerboard 4x12 cabs with the plastic corner protectors. Notice that this is a 75 Hz bass resonance model.
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