Oberheim DS-2A Digital Sequencer
This is an Oberheim DS-2A Digital Sequencer circa 1976. The 2A model had twice as much memory as the first DS model. Very primitive by todays standards, the DS-2A was built to sequence the Oberheim 4 Voice SEM synths as well as other synths. On the back of the unit (to the left in the photo below) it has CV Gate inputs and outputs for both the Arp/Oberheim standard, as well as the larger diameter Moog standard. To be honest, I've never even used it!!! The only reason I have it is because it came with one of my Oberheim 4 Voices I purchased, and I'm keeping it more as kind of a collectable piece. I'm sure I'll try it out eventually. Thank goodness midi eventually came along, and everyone apdopted the same standard!!!!!
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