Deep Purple
Ritchie Blackmore - Ian Gillian - Jon Lord - Roger Glover - Ian Pace

Deep Purple Photo - Live in Studio 1971
Deep Purple Photo - This is a cool photo of the band doing a TV appearance in, I believe, 1971. The one thing I always liked about the band is their dedication to using Marshall amps, etc. They have some of the best vintage Marshall pics you can find. This band helped define rock music of that era with their heavy, driving, and intense jams. Almost every song had a driving edge to it.
Deep Purple Picture - Live On Tour In Europe
Deep Purple Picture - This is a great shot of the bands Marshall backline while on tour in Europe. The two Marshall Plexi stacks to the left are the pinstripe (grill cloth) 4x12 bottom cabs that are 3 inches taller than the normal 4x12. These are the same bottom cabs the Jimi Hendrix was known to use, and are quite rare to find on the vintage market today. Surrounding the two stacks are a couple of PA stacks that are also hard to find these days. Not too many were made.
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