Elton John - Bernie Taupin

Elton John Picture - This is an early 70's photo of him shortly before he became more flashy. His big break came in the states when playing at a Hollywood club with record industry and other artists present.
Elton John Picture - Playing the Piano In Concert
Elton John Song - Here's a picture of Elton John becoming more and more flashy while playing live. I never really cared for it, just the music was important to me. There aren't too many artists or bands that have two greatist hits records, let alone for music completed in the same decade!!! In the 70's, Elton John and Bernie Taupin were a song writing machine. I never really liked much of thier music after the 70's, but the quality and quantity of music they created in such a short time is amazing. Elton John had a HUGE influence on me, and is the main reason why I learned to play the piano.
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