Above are 3 GE 6CA7 USA big bottle tubes. These are very similar to the Sylvania 6CA7 USA tubes made during the same time period. Some people think these tubes sound a little rounder and smoother than the Sylvania's but others don't notice much of a difference. The RCA 6CA7 USA big bottle tubes that were also being sold during that time period were just re-labeled Sylvania ECG/Philips product.

The first tube from the left is a re-labeled GE that has the National Electronics label on it (6CA7-GOLD). ou can see that all three tubes have a light grey stenciled '6CA7 USA' marking on them. This is different from the Sylvania markings. The middle tube is a GE 6CA7 without a label, and the third tube has the common white General Electric logo on it. All three of these tubes are identical and have the crimped plates and dual angled getters.

Here are some examples of GE 6CA7 boxes from the late 70's and early 80's. On three sides it has the 'Electronic Tube' marking as shown on the tubes at the top of the photo, and the fourth side of the box has their company slogan of "Progress Is Our Most Important Product".

As shown on the Sylvania 6CA7 tube page, the above is an interesting comparison of an NOS USA Sylvania 6L6GC, NOS Sylvania 6CA7, and an NOS USA GE 6CA7. As you can see, the 6L6GC is a little smaller in size, and the GE is larger. Notice the rectangular middle hole punch on the plate on the GE as well as the crimped plates on both the GE 6CA7 and the Sylvania 6L6G.. The 6L6GC doesn't have welded plates like it's brother, but it does have the dual getters like the other two. Both Sylvania's have the hole in the bottom pin guide like the Mullards do, and the GE 6CA7 doesn't have it.

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