JBL LSR28P Studio Monitors

The JBL LSR28P speaker monitors are rated at 220w and have a normal frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz. These THX Certified monitors consist of an 8" woofer and 1.5 inch tweeter. These speakers can be tuned, adjusted, etc. in many different ways via the setting on the back of each unit. You can see this in the picture, below. These speakers sound absolutely fabulous, and I have no regrets in having them installed into my Pro Tools High Definition system. They sound very smooth, very detailed, warm, and very 3D & spatial. On my purchase list is the LSR12P Active Subwoofer to get the extra low end required for some projects. That will complete the system. I prefered these over the Genelecs and many others that I carefully tested before making my decision. Below, you can read the details of the design from the actual words of JBL from their fine website

The LSR28P is a bi-amplified system that builds on the foundations of JBL's proprietary Linear Spatial Reference (LSR) technology, which has created a new standard in studio reference monitoring. The JBL LSR28P utilizes two new JBL LSR transducers, the 218F 8" low-frequency transducer and the 053Ti High-Frequency transducer. This system also incorporates other recent JBL transducer technology innovations, including Differential Drive® technology and the carbon fiber composite materials. The advent of new self-powered configurations for these technologies redefines what an accurate near-field monitoring system can be.

All of the new self-powered JBL LSR speaker systems are based upon Linear Spatial Reference (LSR) technology - which has redefined what a sound reproduction system can and should be. Linear Spatial Reference is a collection of carefully calculated techniques that go far beyond simple on-axis frequency response measurements. Instead, LSR technology measures the performance of a speaker over a sphere that encompasses all energy radiated into the listening environment in every direction and analyzed algorithmically via known psycho-acoustic principles to calculate complete and accurate optimization of the sound field, including the direct sound field, the reflected sound field and the reverberant sound field.

All of the new LSR speaker systems incorporate other JBL innovations, including JBL's Differential Drive (DD)technology. DD utilizes two voice coils in each driver, with their magnetic gaps set 180 degrees out of phase with each other. A third coil acts as dynamic brake at maximum excursion to reduce audible distortion. The net effect is to double the power handling capability of each driver, allowing the Differential Drive® drivers to deliver virtually distortion-free audio at higher power levels than ever before. In combination with other new design elements, such as the nested magnetic structure and preferential airflow design which further increase efficiency by more rapidly dissipating heat, the JBL Differential Drive® driver is the most effective on the market.

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