Steve Perry - Ross Valory - Neal Schon - Gregg Rolie - Steve Smith

Journey Music - Steve Perry, Ross Valory, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Steve Smith

Journey Music - Without a doubt, this is my favorite line up of the band Journey. This picture is circa 1979 during the time of the Evolution album. In my opinion, one of the greatest rock albums ever made was the Journey Infinity album. When I think of old Journey, I like to think of this era. The songs were amazing and the sound was so very unique. I also really liked the vocals of Gregg Rolie (or Greg Rollie as most would spell it). The Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand Piano was a big part of Journey's sound of that era per Gregg, and the Marshall Plexi and early 70's Marshall JMP metal panel amps were also a big sound per Neal Schon.
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