Next to the Fairchild 670, the Teletronix LA-2A is argueably the most popular compressor ever made. A case could also be made for the Urei 1176LN, as well. The LA-2A is famous for adding silky smooth warmth to any audio signal. It can take a harsh vocal or saxaphone signal and make it very musical. It is also an excellent compressor for bass and many other instruments. Many engineers and producers will even run a signal through it without using any compression at all. In fact, a popular technique is to run an electric guitar signal through the LA-2A and then through an 1176LN using very little compression. The LA-2A adds warmth and smoothness, while the 1176LN adds some sparkle and edge to the signal, and its pure Class A, 100% discrete output amplifier provides a very wide and open sound. The LA-2A is extremely easy to use. You have to be brain dead to not get a great sound out of it. It's that user friendly !!
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