Led Zeppelin
Robert Plant - Jimmy Page - John Bonham - John Paul Jones

Led Zeppelin Live

Led Zeppelin Photo - Obviously one of the very top bands of all time. Led Zeppelin has sold an amazing amount of records in the United States, alone. Especially considering it's a harder edged band that didn't cross over to the easy listening crowd. Zep has sold 105 million albums in the U.S. to date, and they are second in all-time U.S. sales behind the Beatles at 164.5 million. Yes, the mighty Led Zeppelin have even out sold Elvis by 3 million!! As far as individual albums sales are concerned, they have 5 included in the top 100. Led Zeppelin IV is the highest at #4 with sales of 22 million, and Physical Graffiti is the next highest at #22 with 15 million in sales.
Led Zeppelin Live at the BBC 1969
Led Zeppelin Live - Circa 1969 during one of the live BBC sessions in London. The band had just completed their first successful tour of the United States, and then recorded several BBC sessions throughout 1969. A lot of the Led Zeppelin sound has been a big influence on me. One of the reasons why I got into vintage Marshall amps such as the late 60's Marshall Plexi's, as well as Les Paul guitars is because of Jimmy Page. I also loved the keyboards and synthesizers that John Paul Jones used. The Yamaha CP-70, the Mellotron, the Yamaha GX1 (Yamaha CS80 big brother), etc. were all great sounding to my ears.
Led Zeppelin Band Photo Circa 1969
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