MXR Phase 90
This is the Dunlop reissue of the classic MXR Phase 90. I think it sounds good, but I'd really like to try the original block logo and script versions from the 70's. Some complain that the reissue adds some gain and distortion that's unlike the originals. There a mod where you can remove the R28 cap by clipping the wire, and that will get rid of a lot of the gain and distortion to make it sound more like an original. You can adjust the trim pot at the top to tweak the sound to your liking. There are also True Bypass mods for the MXR Phase 90 that can be done on these that will prevent them from sucking your tone when not engaged. Avery good idea, indeed, and I believe guys such as Analog Man will perform these mods for you for a reasonable cost. I'll be on the lookout for original block logo's and script logo's to see what the difference really is.
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