Motor Mix

The CM Automation Motor Mix unit is an excellent digital audio workstation controller. Each unit consists of 8 faders and respective controls. They can be linked together with as many as 4 units. I use my Motor Mix units to control my Pro Tools High Definition set up, and I use the Emagic AMT8 as the midi controller interface with Pro Tools. Having been designed with Pro Tools specifically in mind, 100mm faders control the on screen faders, and everything from tape transport, plug-in effects such as EQ, compression, reverb, etc. can also be controlled without the use of a mouse. These units are small enough to fit on a desk top and still have plenty of room for the Mac G4 keyboard. All faders are automated, and with the press of a button, another 24 tracks can be controlled. Although these units are a bit pricey, reasonable deals can be found on newly used units on Ebay.

From the CM Automation website:

Console Automation - Use the Motor Mix(TM) to enter fader moves and mutes into the sequencer to provide mixer automation.

Digital Audio Workstations - Connect Motor Mix(TM) to a computer-based Digital Audio Workstation. Use Motor Mix(TM) to enter fader moves and mutes into the DAW to control levels, mutes and plug in parameters in real-time with real controls instead of 'mousing' commands one-at-a-time on the computer screen. By using the bank select switches and the LCD, Motor Mix(TM) can control systems with an unlimited number of channels and many plug-ins in each channel. Motorized faders are the controls of choice used by professionals all over the world on the most expensive consoles. And Motor Mix(TM) brings them to you at a price anyone can afford!

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