Neve 1073 (w/o EQ)

This unit consists of two Neve 1073 mic pre-amps as sold by Neve in the 70's (mic pre only-no EQ) with the same low end and 80DB of gain. A 1073 module with EQ is referred to as a "1073", and the pre-amp only section of a 1073 is referred to as a 1290. So the actual name of these modules is "1290", but they are the actual pre-amp in the 1073 module. These aren't to be confused with the more common modified 1272 pre-amps with a smaller bottom end and only 45db of gain.

These 2x recapped 1290's are housed in a 3U Custom Boutique Audio rack. 1290 modules have the actual 1073 gold plated stepped attenuator, output amplifier card and output transformer, giving them the unique 1073 tone. These are the factory pre-amp's only from a 1073.

The 1073 is easily the most popular mic pre-amp ever made because of it's ability to make signals sound bigger than life itself. Unfortunately, their prices reflect that. 1073's are used on just about every instrument and vocal, but they are especially recognized as being the meat and potatoes of recording electric guitar. They were used on countless classic records including early Van Halen and AC/DC.

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