Peter Frampton
Just like about half the world, I became a Frampton fan when 'Frampton Comes Alive' came out in the mid-70's. In a lot of ways it became a soundtrack for the 70's, I believe. Very smooth, laid back, open, airy, upbeat, great jams, great flow, and just plain old party-fun atmosphere. I think that's why it appealed to soooo many people. Peter is a great entertainer. He was then, and still is now. You get him in front of a crowd, and he really communicates and has a great time with his audience. It's a shame that's he hasn't gotten more credit for being such a great guitar player because he absolutely is. His original and current guitar/keyboard player, Bob Mayo, is also a truely awesome musician, and a heck of a nice guy.

Summer 2002 Tour Rig Photo's
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The Peter Frampton Summer 2002 tour rig photo's were taken on Saturday June 29th in Las Vegas. I took them at the soundcheck about 5 hours before the show. Peter's rig is a bit different from his recent set-ups, including the one currently shown on his website. Most noticeably different is the fact that he's now using Mesa preamps in place of Bob Bradshaw's Custom Audio Electronics preamps. You also might notice that you no longer see the Ampeg Echo Twin (ET-1) sitting on top of his Marshall cabs. That's because it is now miked in an isolation box out of sight. Also, you'll notice some lyrics typed on a sheet next to his Bradshaw RS-10 (expanded). That's because he's performing some very new songs!!! Most notably is the song called Not Forgotten. Excellent, excellent tune that's dedicated to his friend George Harrison. You should be hearing this one on the radio once his new album is released in a few months. Regarding Peter's tone, at times I think it sounded a lot better last year, and I think they're still working out the bugs on those Mesa preamps and how they fit in. Since they are relying on each venue's FOH sound guy, it's tough to judge the tone unless you hear several shows. Some FOH guys are better than others, obviously.
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