Pink Floyd
David Gilmour - Roger Waters - Nick Mason - Richard Wright

Pink Floyd Live - David Gilmour Solo

Pink Floyd Picture - Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands of all-time. I was first exposed to the album Dark Side of the Moon at a very young age when it came out around 1973. I then followed every Pink Floyd album after that. The Wall album is obviously one of my favorites, as is Animals. I've always loved David Gilmour's 'Fender Strat through a Hiwatt DR103' tone, and Richard Wright's early synths inspired me to play keyboards and synths, as well as how to program old analog synths from the 1970's. In particular, I love the old Oberheim 4 Voice SEM Synth that they once used in the mid-late 70's. The old Moog stuff was also impressive, as well as the classic sounding Arp String Ensemble they used on most of their 70's records. Of course, everyone used the Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand Piano. If you ever get a chance to hear these songs live, as well as seeing the amazing light and sound experience per the above pic, please do yourself a favor and go. They will probably tour a few more times and that will be it, unfortunately.
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Album Pink Floyd Picture in the Studio Recording Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd Live - David Gilmour Playing Fender Strat
Pink Floyd - David Gilmour Close Up Photo
Pink Floyd - Richard Wright Close Up Photo
Pink Floyd Live - Nick Mason Playing Drums Pink Floyd Live Stage Lights
Pink Floyd Live - Stage View Above Mixing Board
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