The Digidesign Pro Tools High Definition system using the 192 I/O converter is truely a very big step up from the Mix Plus system using the 888/24 converter. The 192 I/O alone is even a little better sounding than the industry standard Apogee AD8000. It's become very clear that digital technology will eventually surpass the very best analog recording and mixing equipment. Digidesign is expected to improve the mix buss to 48 bits in the next year or so. That will certainly put it up there with SSL and other great digital boards. Tracking with an Empirical Labs FATSO will certainly give you all the even harmonics that analog tape and circuits would give on a traditional system.

This particular system is a High Definition 2. I chose the HD 2 because it's about all I need, and can always buy an extra card down the road. Most of the Plug-Ins I'll be using are made by Waves, and I'm really looking forward to the Sony Oxford EQ release onto HD. I prefer to use as much analog and tube outboard gear as possible, but there are situations where plug-Ins are extremely beneficial.

I use a Power Mac G4 733 Mhz computer with two Digidesign Quiet Drives. The 3 CM Automation Motor Mix units are interfaced into Pro Tools with the Emagic AMT8 midi converter. The new I-Lok keys for HD Plug-In authorization are quite nice to deal with compared to the pain of keeping track of different software authorizations, and can be used with other systems. You can see the blue I-Lok key inserted into the left USB slot of the keyboard shown above to the left.

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