Rockman Instrument Equalizer - Model 200

The Rockman Instrument EQ - Model 200 is a nice little EQ that is very important to use with Rockman Sustainor. There's an effects loop in the Sustainor where you can insert the EQ, and you can also run it in series after the Sustainor. Just like the Sustainor, the Model 200 EQ units have the white "Rockman Instrument Equalizer" lettering, and the 100's have the blue. Always get the 200's. For you Boston fans, the above EQ settings will get you close to the Boston sound if you get everything else hooked up right. Of course, my favorite Boston tone was on the fist two albums and that's when Tom Scholz used early 70's Marshall's, a partially engaged wah to get a more midrange tone, etc. These Rockman units do sound good if used in the right way. They don't have the dynamics that the best tube amps have, but they're cool for the right situation.

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