Rockman Sustainor - Model 200

The Rockman Sustainor is a cool little unit, and has a lot of potential when used with the Rockman EQ units, as well as with other tube power amps. I like to use it as a preamp to a tube amp such as a Mesa Boogie Mark I that uses Sylvania 6L6GC's, which of course have a lot of head room, and are very punchy even when not overdriven. The key is to run the Rockman through the amp without overdriving the amp into distortion. Otherwise it just sounds like muddy hell. The clean punchy tubes add the beef and rounded low end that the Rockman unit lacks. I actually really like the semi-clean setting into the Boogie. This is a Model 200 unit which are built better and sound better than the model 100 units. The Model 200 units were started around late 1988 I believe. An easy way to tell a 100 from a 200 is that the 200's have the white "Rockamn Sustainor" lettering at the front bottom center of the unit, as shown above. The 100's have blue lettering. Dunlop still repair these units, however they are usually very reliable. If mine were to break, I'd just by another one because they are reasonably priced on Ebay, and Dunlop takes months to return them.

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