Shure SM57
Well if you haven't heard about the Shure SM57, I don't know which planet you were on, but welcome home!! Seriously, it is one of the classic simple mics that work for a lot of things such as snare drum, electric guitar cabs, etc. Many people in the 70's also used to use it as a live mic for vocals. For a very small amount of money, this mic can be a constant work horse for you. Very reliable, and get the basic sounds it's required. When miking a guitar amp cab such as an early 70's Marshall 4x12 cab, it's best to tilt the mic at a 45 degree angle at the inside the edge of the speaker cone and at about 4 inches off the grill cloth. The 45 degree angle is important because at those high db's, the mic capsule will actually start to collapse if hit stright on. The 45 degree angle allows the metal cover to absorb some of that force and keep the capsule from deforming while getting the great sound.
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