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Stryper Picture on Album - To Hell With The Devil

Stryper Picture - Ah, there's nothing like that old 80's metal hair band music, and Stryper was certainly a great one. This Stryper photo is 80's hair band all the way. I first saw them back in 1985 at the California Theater in San Diego, and I really enjoyed their live show. They were a very tight band!! Stryper was a little heavy handed with the preachy thing, but it was still great live music with a great message if you could stomach their particular style. After the show, Mike came out into the lobby wearing sweats, grabbed a couple of girls over to the stairway, and talked to them about what was going on in their lives. One of the girls was having a tough time in life, and Mike introduced them to the Lord right then and there. I know some people felt that their Christian thing was just an act, but it obviously wasn't. I could over-hear eveything that they talked about, and it was really a nice thing. Most rockers of that era would've been trying to get into these girls pants, but Mike was trying to get God into their souls. A very admirable thing to say the least. Aside from music, I always respected these guys for standing up for what they believed despite the criticism, and mockery from other bands. Especially hard on these guys were the southern conservative so-called christians that would picket and protest their shows just because of the type of music they played and the length of their hair. Simply pathetic.

Regarding Stryper album music, I really liked the tone from the 'To Hell With The Devil' album era. In the early days I know they used a lot of Mesa gear, and I eventually ended up getting a 1978 Mesa Boogie 100w guitar amp head because of them and a few other bands (Santana, Styx, etc.) that used them. It's one of my favorite amps of all time. I miss the old, hard Stryper tunes, but I never really cared much for their ballads. They were much too cheesy, clique, and sterile for may tastes. But I'm glad somebody liked them!! I did like the synth they used a few times for the strings, which is a Roland Juno 106. A semi-permanent reunion would certainly be cool. Lets hope it happens.

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