Tangerine Dream
Edgar Froese

New Age Music - Synth Band : I really got into Tangerine Dream back in 1995 when I went back to school to study civil engineering. I was looking for cool background music to listen to while studying. This music was perfect for that. In particular, I really like the quite different (for their style) 1995 The Dream Mixes CD. That was a great upbeat euro-dance record. What a masterpiece that was. I enjoy hearing the different sounds they come up with and how they use them in their songs. However, I always hated the cheesy electric guitar parts they used on some albums. That was so annoying while the rest of the music was so good. Edgar Frouse deserves a lot of credit for the different era's of Tangerine Dream. It's was nice to see his son eventually join him. I really like these kinds of new age synth bands. If Tangerine Dream were to warm up there mixes by recording to tape or using a tape machine simulator, it would cetainly make their recordings sound even better.
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