Telefunken ECC83
Telefunken ECC83 Preamp Tubes
The Telefunken ECC83 is one of the most sought after preamp tubes by amp and audiophile lovers alike. Pictured above is a couple of NOS ECC83's that were apparently made by Mullard and relabled as Telefunken. On the tube to the right, you can clearly see the Mullard production codes below the 'ECC' markings. The Telefunken ECC83's actually made by Telefunken can be seen as Smooth Plate (Flat Plate) or Ribbed Plate. NOS Telefunken ECC83's certainly aren't easy to find these days. Many of the old original Marshall's used Telefunken preamp tubes from the factory. Of course Mullards were big, as well.
Tube Comparison of Telefunken ECC83, Mullard CV4004, Tesla JJ 12AX7, EI 12AX7

Here's a police line-up comparison of some different preamp tubes. This clearly shows the different designs that are incorporated. With the first two tubes to the left, you can see the ribbed plates (both made by Mullard). Remember, this particular Telefunken ECC83 actually is a relabeled Mullard. You can clearly see the halo getter in the CV4004 (this particular tube is a British military CV4004). The JJ Tesla 12AX7 is easy to distinguish between the rest. The unlabeled mystery tube to the far right appears to be an EI 12AX7 as it has a fairly long flat plate with no ribs.

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