The Eagles - Don Henley - Glenn Frey - Joe Walsh

Music of the Eagles - This is a 1973 photo of the original band in the hills above Los Angeles and Hollywood. Despite the band memember changes throughout the years, The Eagles have always been a talent magnet. 'One of These Nights' and 'Take It To The Limit' are a couple of my all time favorite songs. Absolute Masterpieces of 70's pop music at its best. I'm not a big country music fan, but I always loved the early 'LA Cowboy' sound, especially how they used the 'pedal steel guitar'.
Music of The Eagles - This is a fairly recent photo of the band taken in the late 90's. Every single guy in this band lin up could be a lead singer. When they harmonize their vocals, it's truely awesome. There is no sound quite like it. Hotel California is almost certainly the band's most popular album, and certainly one of my favorites.
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