The Fixx
Cy Curnin - Jamie West-Oram - Rupert Greenall - Adam Woods - Dan Brown

The Fixx - Cy Curnin
The Fixx was and still is a great band. I saw them about a year or so ago at the House of Blues here in Las Vegas, and they are still doing a great job. Of course, The Fixx song Red Skies At Night, as well as Saved By Zero, One Thing Leads To Another, etc. have always been favorites of mine. I like some of the less known obscure songs on their various albums. I always liked the Strat type, slicing distortion used on their records. I've also always loved the way Rupert Greenall used the PPG Wave 2.3 synth on the old records with those original digital-morph type sounds. Long live The Fixx !
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