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Eddie Van Halen - David Lee Roth - Alex Van Halen - Michael Anthony

Van Halen Picture : Oakland Alameda County Stadium, Oakland California July 23, 1978 Day on the Green Concert. Below is the flyer for the show.
Day on the Green Flyer - Oakland, CA July 23 1978
Van Halen - David Lee Roth Van Halen II Vocal Studio Session Van Halen II Studio Session Bill Putnam 610 Recording Console Circa 1958
The first two photoographs from the upper left are from the Van Halen II sessions in Studio 1 at Sunset Sound in LA. The third photo is an old 1958 photo of the Putnam 610 console used as the primary console for Sunset Sound in the original Studio 1. This console was used on everything from Frank Sinatra recordings to the music and sound for Walt Disney movies of that era. It was this console that engineer Don Landee used on many of the early Van Halen recordings. Don would use the preamps in the 610 because of their unique sound. This was also the console that was used to record the Beach Boys Pet Sounds, The Doors LA Women, etc. The console designer, Bill Putnam, was also responsible for many other audio tools that are still considered the best, today. These include the Teletronix LA2A and Urei 1176LN compressors. Bill's sons have recently re-opned Universal Audio, and have begun making faithful clones of the classic LA2A and 1176LN, as well as the 610 console preamps (the Universal Audio 2-610 preamp). Below is a photo of Eddie Van Halen recording some tracks during the same VHII session. Notice the Echoplex on the floor.
Eddie Van Halen Guitar Session - Van Halen II
Sunset Sound Studio 1 Sunset Sound Studio 2
Above to the left is the footprint of Studio 1 at Sunset Sound, and Studio 2 is to the right where they recorded Diver Down. To the lower left is the band in the Studio 1 control room with the custom API console during the same Van Halen II session. There are other websites that cover the early Eddie Van Halen set-up, so I won't go into it. However, one thing that has been over looked and is very rarely, if ever, mentioned is the fact that Don Landee used the Urei 1176LN on all of Ed's early guitars, and gave his sound a very distinct character. The 1176LN has a very open sound, but also has a shimmering kind of aggressive bite. The 1176LN has a class A discrete amplifier on it's output stage that adds that openness. To nail the early VH studio tone, you absolutely need this in the equation. In the photo to the lower left, you can see three Urei 1176LN's in the rack between Eddie and Alex. These are the units that each have a VU meter to the right. To the lower right is Eddie's infamous Marshall Plexi 100w Super Lead. It's a blown up picture, so it's a bit distorted, but you can clearly see the Sylvania 6CA7 USA big bottle power tubes in the back. Check out this RIAA Van Halen II platinum award.
Van Halen II - Sunset Sound Studio 1 Control Room Eddie Van Halen Marshall Plexi Super Lead - Van Halen II
Eddie Van Halen Live Pedals - Van Halen 1 circa 1978
Above is a photo of Eddie's pedals he used live circa 1978. It's actually a close up of the Day on the Green photo above. It's a little hard to identify them all, but some are a bit obvious. Let me know what you think, and I'll post the results later. Below to the left is a flyer advertising an October 1, 1976 live show for the band before their record deal via Gene Simmons. Talk about a cool band to have play at your birthday bash!! Click on the flyer to see a bigger image of it. The photo to the lower right is just an enlarged version of the photo located on the flyer. Notice the miked Marshall Plexi stacks in the background, and Eddie looks like he's still in junior high.
Van Halen Live 1976 Flyer - Pasadena Center Exhibit Hall Van Halen Photo Live 1976
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