Have you recent bought a new vehicle? If you are a car owner, there are a few essential things you must know to make the most of your investment. Traveling so many different roads, from bustling city alleys to muddy country roads, you need to be prepared for anything. The last thing you want to do is end up stuck on the side of the road with no help and no idea what to do. While this doesn’t occur often with today’s modern amenities of OnStar and cell phones, you still need to be prepared. Let’s discuss five things every care over needs to keep themselves safe on the road!


5 Car Essentials for Owners


If you own your own vehicle, you should invest in the following to keep yourself safe:


1.   Jumper Cables


From sudden drops in temperatures to normal wear and tear, there are several reasons your battery might stop working. A dead battery is undoubtedly frustrating, especially if you get stuck at the side of the road. That’s why you should always carry jumper cables in your vehicle. While you’ll need to find a do-gooder willing to boost your battery, just having the jumper cables is a start.


2.   Spare Tire, Lug Wrench, and Tire Jack


A flat tire is the most expected yet common incident people experience on the road. Unfortunately, most flat tires occur at the most inopportune times. All vehicles should come equipped with a spare tire, but you also need to make sure to replace it if you have recently used your spare. In addition, you need to have a lug wrench and a tire jack to replace the tire. In fact, the three items essentially work hand in hand. If you have a spare tire and the proper tools to change a flat, you’ll be all set if an emergency occurs.


3.   Extra Windshield Wiper Fluid


Weather changes are unavoidable and unpredictable. You will encounter rain, snow, hail, and ice at some point along your travels. Blurry vision due to fog and rain is the cause of the most severe vehicle crashes in the colder months. Having extra windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle is a great way to avoid life-threatening accidents. Invest in a good quality product to make sure you can keep your windshields clear for the best visibility.


4.   First Aid Kit


You can always face unpredictable situations on the road. Accidents occur in many ways. Having a first aid kit is not just good in the event of a car accident, but it’s also great if someone gets hurt while you’re on the road. Invest in a good quality kit. It won’t take a lot of room in your vehicle and it will ensure your utmost safety. Additionally, having a good quality first aid kit can help you come to the aid of others on the road. Make sure your kit has band-aids, gauze, scissors, gloves, roadside flares, and anything else you’ll need if you get injured or broken down.


5.   WD-40


This might sound like a silly thing to keep in your vehicle, but WD-40 plays several roles when you’re on the road. You might’ve struggled to loosen the nut or bolt with a spare tire or to fix license plate issues. It’s a small investment, but always a good thing to have on hand.


Contact Your Local Auto Repair Shop to Discuss Your Needs


If you need more advice on the best type of vehicle for your needs, talk to your Riverside auto repair shop for help.

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