Your home’s air conditioning system significantly impacts your overall comfort. That’s why today’s average residential home is equipped with some type of AC system. So, where did air conditioners come from? The history of the AC is just as cool as the air it throws out. Let’s discuss!


The Beginning History of Air Conditioners


Back in the 1840s, a Florida doctor named John Gorrie invented the ice-making machine to keep the hospital rooms cool for his patients. He devised a cooling system for hospitals that involved moving vast chunks of ice from northern frozen lakes and streams into patients’ rooms.


Due to the impracticality of this method, he experimented on a refrigerator. He created an ice-making machine powered by horsepower, wind, or steam. Dr. Gorrie was awarded the patent in 1851 but couldn’t bring his machine to the market as his financial backer had died. Regardless, he created the groundwork for modern air conditioning through his inventions and discoveries.


The Invention of the Air Conditioner


Towards the end of the 1890s, the humidity had become an issue for a publishing company in Brooklyn. Their papers were constantly getting damaged due to the moisture in the air. As the hot and humid weather increased in the coming years, people at the publishing company started to discuss the idea that there had to be a way to fight humidity.


This is when an engineer named Willis Carrier discovered and designed a structure called “Apparatus for Treating Air.” After running multiple tests, Carrier perfected his methods and finally signed a patent for his automatic cooling system. The success of his technology started in a textile mill. Soon, he realized how powerful his apparatus could be to the world. So he created his own company, Carrier Engineering Corporation, and officially made a central control system in 1902.


The first air conditioning units were seven feet by six feet in height and width and 20 feet long. This, of course, required a considerable space on your property. This big invention was costly, worth $10,000 to $50,000 at the time.


In just two years, public places like theatres and event buildings started to use refrigeration to keep the areas cool. This was when ordinary people had first witnessed the cooling powers of a central air conditioning system. However, the initial AC systems came with imperfections. For example, they were designed to release cold air from floor vents. This caused the bottom areas of the room to be very cold while the top remained humid and warm.


A few years later, in 1922, Willis Company fixed this flaw and began to install air conditioners in Los Angeles theatres. The air could be pumped from upper air vents, allowing airflow to be dispersed throughout the room.


Modern Day Air Conditioners


AC units have gotten smaller and less expensive since 1947. There were only 43,000 systems in use that year. By the 1960s, many new American homes had central air conditioning. Today, nearly 87% of households have some sort of AC unit. That means hundreds of millions of American homes are equipped with these systems.


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