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5 Tips For Better Your Indoor Air Quality

Keeping the indoor air quality of your home at a good level is essential. It’s no secret that many families spend most of their time indoors, in fact, studies have shown the average American spends around 87% of their time indoors!Many of us think about air pollution, but do you know the air inside your home can get just as bad? Here are five tips to better your indoor air quality, so you can be confident you and your household are breathing fresh and pure air!

1.  Change That AC Air Filter

Air filters are what your air conditioning system uses to filter out common air pollutants. However, even these air filters can overfill and quit doing their job. By ignoring a much-needed change to your AC air filter, you’re bringing down your indoor air quality, as well as causing wear to your overall AC system! Change your AC air filter when needed, or enroll in an AC service plan to get much-needed maintenance that includes this service.

2.  Give Humidity The Boot

Humidity and moisture in the air can cause mold and mildew to develop, affecting your indoor air quality and any asthma problems for the worst. keep humidity out of your house, by installing a few dehumidifiers to better the quality of your air and keep moisture at the minimum. The issue of humidity is especially significant in the summer season, so maybe it’s a good idea to stock up on a humidifier or two before the temperatures start to climb!

3.  Keep A Strict Vacuum And Dusting Schedule

Pollen, dust, and even the hair of your four-legged buddies can accumulate in your home and affect your air quality. Keeping a pretty consistent vacuum and dusting schedule can make sure you are regularly combating these air quality enemies.

4.  Crack A Window

Many of the common things we use today, such as perfume, hair spray, chemical air fresheners, and other items, can actually end up affecting our air quality for the worst. This is especially true when we are using these items in enclosed spaces. We can depend on our AC systems to bring in cool air, but sometimes the best solution is to just crack a window and let some fresh air circulate in!

5.  Clean Those Air Ducts

Cleaning your air ducts before powering up your air conditioning system can vastly help improve your air quality. This is a chore any of us may ignore or forget about, but there can be benefits to our health and our indoor air quality when we clean the air ducts, especially when it comes to clearing out dust.


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